I've Got Serious Blogger's Block! HELP!

Well, I'm still in the middle of a bout with blogger's block. It's kicking my rear. Every time I sit down to post, nothing comes to mind. Put me in the middle of the grocery store, though, and I have one great line after another to post. I need one fo those little recorder thingys to carry around with me.

On second thought, I can see the store manager thinking I'm a spy on his little radio now, "The lady talking into her hand is back! She's in aisle 5... alert security!"

I was going to post about My Day for Owlhaven's party, but each time I began the post, I realized how boring it was going to be. The past 3 weeks have been unusually non-exciting. There have been moments, but not the constant chaos we are used to. Frankly, I didn't think anyone would want to read about me taking the kids to school, blogging and doing laundry.

I have also been trying to visit as many of the Ultimate Blog Party participants as I can. There are like over 400, so I don't see me finishing anytime soon seeing as I've only averaged about 20 a day so far. It's been fun, though and I have already added about 5 blogs to my bloglines- like I need more to read.

If you are here just to read, make sure you comment on my party post at the top. I'm entering everyone who comments on it into a drawing for prizes! Go sign up!

When I mentioned having the blogging blahs before, my sister- who reads, but doesn't seem to remember how to comment lately, ahem- suggested that I post about our Mom, sisters or my "favorite sister". I get the feeling she meant herself. :o)

Aaannnyyways... I think I will. The next few posts will be about my family in random order. Make sure you come back for them.

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Mandy said...

Just remember what I said "Don't get yourself in trouble!" I know I would. And yes, I read everyday but never know what to say. I know it's a shocker that I don't have something to say. OH WELL!