It's a slow day around here.

Being that Steven thinks that I am all-knowing and all-seeing ( I have no idea who could have told him such things **blush**), he has been nagging asking me politely for two days to find Matthew's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Gameboy cartridge or, "Charlie Chocolate and the Factory" as he calls it.

Finally, I could take no more found time in by busy schedule to look for it. Despite the fact that we bought Matthew a hard case with little game safes in it to store all of his Gameboy accoutrement's, something told me that it was buried under something in Matthew's room.

I bravely shoved my hand under his dresser to begin the search.

OMG! There was a bunch of JUNK under there!

I did find a game, but not the one I was looking for.
I got out all of the junk within my reach before bringing in the tools. I craftily used a collapsible "Go Cavs" sign to scoop the rest of the stuff out of there. NO GAME! DARN! My motherly psychic powers had failed me... or had they?
I glanced at the bed. Hmmm... bet there's more junk under there.
You know what? I was right!
When I was younger (and frankly until I moved out and got married) my room was a disaster, too. The one thing that was always clean, however, was under the bed. I never put things under my bed. It may have been due to the fact that I had a trundle bed under my daybed, but I still could very well have fit many, many items under that if I had wanted to. Which is proof that he inherited this habit from DH. (Wink!)
In another daring attempt to find the elusive game, I lifted the bed skirt, scooped my arm under the bed and began the excavation. I am seriously surprised that something didn't come scurrying out of there!
To get to the point, I found the game and within milliseconds of handing it to Steven, he couldn't find it!
He got so excited at all of the "Great stuff" (his words, not mine) I had discovered under the bed that he had set it down in the middle of a pile of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and POOF! It was gone again. With little effort it was uncovered and shoved into the Gameboy to begin playing.
I'm proud to report that he is still playing his little heart out. I'm actually surprised because normally, I look and look for something only to have it played with for a whopping 10 seconds before they're tired of it.
Just in case you are wondering (and since my only other option is cleaning or laundry) here is a sampling of the "great stuff" rescued from the depths of Matthew's room:
8 candy wrappers
A pair of 3-D glasses
2 football books
2 football video games
1 handheld basketball video game
Lincoln Logs train tracks
A space shuttle fuel tank and boosters
A flying monkey
A Dum-Dum sucker
A happy meal toy
A full, unopened pack of Pringle's Mini's
and my favorite...
a mini disco ball that he paid 75 cents for at the Santa's workshop last year even though it had been removed from whatever it had been attached to. The thing actually has a tiny piece of string sticking out of it. He's a bargain shopper. Oh yes he is!


Lisa said...

How funny. All of "the cool new stuff", huh? I hope that kept him busy for awhile.

I'm digging your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

Lisa said...

Oh and where are you in the Midwest? I grew up in Illinois and now live in STL which is why I ask...

scribbit said...

I'm constantly being asked, "Mom, where is my (fill in the blank)?" and it drives me crazy because I know I can find it if I look but they're too lazy to do it themselves.