Way to go DH!!!

I don't think I've ever told you all much about my DH. What better way to introduce him to you than by bragging about him?

Last year, we got new pathway lights for our front walk. The old Santa's we had were about 5 years old and they had been beaten by the wind. It's pretty open at this end of the street, so we get a lot of wind. DH found some that were really cute! The only problem was that the first night we had them up, they all got knocked right down by the wind.

We were out Christmas shopping at Sears and I found some new ones that were perfect! They are 9" candles. Simple, plain and elegant. I like white lights best for our house and these would fit right in. We bought 3 sets.

They worked like a charm! The wind can't touch them because they have basically no surface area to catch the wind with and they have long stakes, too. Something the others were lacking.

So this year, I decided to put the candles along the entire front of the house rather than down both sides of the front walk. The only problem was that 3 sets weren't long enough. In a completely expected twist of fate, (or is it irony?) no one on the free planet (even online) has the candles this year. FIGURES!

Yesterday, DH called me on his way home from work (which he never does) to tell me that he had found some and bought 2 sets! They were about $2 cheaper than we had paid last year, to boot! I do love me a bargain! There is a little store called Everything Surplus in the city where DH works and he is an avid shopper there. They carry tools, furniture and, well, everything! They tend to get a lot of stuff from Sears, which DH remembered and he took a chance.

He's my hero!!!

More about DH (which stands for Dear Husband)

DH's name is Mike and he's a sweetheart, whether he admits it or not. He's a real man's man- deer hunter, fisherman, rabbit hunter. He'd rather build something to last than pay for something that will fall apart in a couple of years. He's shy and reserved (my complete opposite) which is on of the things I love about him. He hates to have his picture taken hates to be the center of attention (told you we were opposites) and he's really good at remembering lists and dates. We make a great team because I can only remember phone numbers, addresses and names- all of which he forgets.

DH is also great at picking out gifts. He has great taste (he chose me, right?) and he is usually the one that comes up with what to get everyone for birthdays and Christmas.

DH is also somewhat of a Smart-Alec. Did I say somewhat? I meant completely! Ornery to the end! He loves to joke around and is really great at making fun of people. He only does it to people he knows well and that can take it. He and my Mom have a long history of picking on each other.

This year, DH and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary. He's the best!


Anonymous said...

Jason and Jesse go to everything surplus all the time. Jason took me there once and I was scared! Couldn't wait to leave! Sorry I'm a snob, but at least I admit it.

Samantha said...

Umm, guess what? I found something else we have in common LOL I am married to a very shy and reserved Mike (no kidding, his name is Mike, too LOL) as well, and he HATES getting his picture taken! Can you believe that?