Thirteen 80's songs I love

For my second Thursday Thirteen post, I think I'll name 13 80's songs I love! I love all different kinds of music, but 80's is just about the best for be-bopping along to in the car. I'm sure you'll agree.

13 80's Songs I love!

1. Jessie's Girl. Come on! Rick Springfield... need I say more?

2. Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Pat Benatar ROCKS!!! This is the ultimate girl power song!

3. Turning Japanese. I can't get this song out of my head when I hear it. Now Dr. Pepper has graciously decided to torture me with it by changing the words and playing only the tiniest bit of it in their commercials. I WANT MORE! I really think so!

4. Don't You Forget About Me. The theme song to the Breakfast Club and an awesome song! Makes me want to slide around a corner and tape somebody's buns together!

5. You Give Love A Bad Name. This is from my Bon-Jovi phase which I have never completely grown out of. Let's face it... who would want to?

6. Need You Tonight. By INXS... sexy, sexy, sexy!

7. I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. You're singing it now, aren't you? Oh, yes you are!

8. Bad To The Bone. Bbbbbbaby! That's a great one to sing to! Makes you feel like a bouncer!

9. Take My Breath Away. We all wanted Tom Cruise to leave Kelly McGillis for us. Now... not so much..., but great song anyways!

10. Tainted Love. Who can resist singing this one! We all know it (bom-bom!)

11. True. We all wanted them to play this at the school dances so we could slow-dance.

12. Our Lips Are Sealed. Who doesn't love the Go-Go's? Great slumber party song!

13.Never Gonna Give You Up. how can such a rich, deep voice come from someone who looks about 12 years old? I just like this one... I don't know why.

So there you have it! 13 great 80's songs. Leave your favorite 80's song in comments!

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Le laquet said...

Rick Springfield, from memory

"Jessie's been a friend
You know he's been a good friend of mine
But lately something's happened and it's hard to define
Jessie's got himself a girl and
I want to make her mine!"

Enough to warm the cockles of your heart!!! Take me back to the 80s

Luna said...

Oh how I loved the 80's! I was more of a "headbanger" but I liked the new wave music too.

maggie said...

Can't resist tainted love.

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I loved Sunglasses at Night..we used to cruise town with our sunglasses on blaring this song from the radio. And Huey Lewis and the News songs Heart of Rock and Roll and Heart and Soul were other favorites. Thanks for a trip down 80's memory lane. Happy TT.

Merry Christmas!

Samantha said...

OOOOOOookay, cover your kids' ears because I'm gonna call you a bad word! ... BUTTHEAD! hehe Here I am at work now, singing 80's songs! Not just ONE of them, noooo, ALL OF THEM! hehe 80's music is my absolute favorite! I didnt realize we had so much in common! I sent out your ornament on Monday, so lemme know when you get it, okay? Good Grief, you should see the word verification I have to do just to write this comment for you! LOL I guess you're worth it!

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh, the 80's :) Great list!