Rushing Home With My Treasures

In an unbelievable twist of fate, which for once involved no suggestive prodding on my part, we had no kids at home last night.

I'm sure you understand the extreme elation I felt having no kids around during the Chirstmas Shopping Season!

DH and I attempted to return a gift to a store that I had bought online. I won't name the store or the gift as that may give it away to one of my two readers.

Anyhoo, I called the store to make sure that I could return or exchange it there since I had purchased it from them, through Amazon. It took a good wait on the phone, but the nice man at the store had to find the head Manager to find out. His answer was "yes", so off we went.

Imagine... shopping with DH without the kiddos!!! I can get the rest of their gifts and be DONE!

We took the item (which is quite heavy) into the store's Customer Service Desk and headed off to find another to exchange it for.

THAT turned out to be a total waste of time! None to be found and no suitable alternatives. :::SIGH:::

So, as we wandered through the store, my shopping urge was deflated. DH suddnely spotted some Browns Santa hats and we commented on how much Matthew would love them, but decided not to get one because we know it will end up just laying around with no usefulness whatsoever. Not to mention the fact that it was about $15 and $15 for a hat he'll wear for a total of .3 seconds is NOT worth it to me.

DH made the mistake of leaving me in an aisle full of useless Christmas items and out of nowhere, something caught my eye!

I don't know if I have mentioned Steven's major obsession with Star Wars, but it's every other word that comes out of his mouth and everything on his Christmas list has those words in it.

They had the largest assortment of Star Wars crap... um... merchandise I've seen in one spot! I found the CUTEST little set of mini Star Wars ornaments!! Just so happens (wink), each of the boys have a 2 foot tree in their room. I know these will never stay on the tree, and I can just see the thing toppling off the dresser as he yanks... uh... tries to sneak them off of it; but he'll absolutely go bananas for them!

Unfortunately, the plethora of Browns junk... er... decorations didn't include mini ornaments. I searched and decided that Hello Kitty and Dora weren't appropriate for an 8 year old cartoon-infatuated sports fan and decided on Spongebob. Those are the only things I bought, but what a find!

Incidentally, to illustrate the fact that you can never believe a man if he isn't looking you in the eye (ahem), the "nice man" on the phone LIED TO ME! We were unable to return the gift at the store. With no men in sight, I gave the woman at the desk my card and my packing slip to no avail. She insisted that it was on another card, so I gave her the only other card I have with the same result.

Oh, well. At least I've got some more Star Wars guys to pick up...I mean... bring joy to Steven.


Samantha said...

What a day, huh? LOL
I LOVE the ornaments you sent me!! They are beauuuuuutiful!! Thankyou so much :) *hugs*

Trainwreck said...

Mothers are like robots. And when they're fourty, they turn into hoes.

Stephanie said...

Kellen also loves Star Wars. I got to go shopping Sat. with just Vivian. Though not exacly no children, she is easy so I got a lot done. Even got some clothes for me. A rare occasion!