Decking the halls!

This week, I am finishing up my holiday decorating!

Just so you are aware of what this involves:

~40 million trips up and down the basement steps. I can't WAIT till the boys are old enough to be trusted carrying my precious, beloved and ever-so valuable (sentimental, that is) decorations up for me.

~Untangling about 10 strands of lights. No matter how neatly you put them away, they don't just unravel with the greatest of ease. Those little lights get caught on each other and on the cord itself as you unwind.

~Checking each strand to make sure they still work. Did I already plug that one in? Now my cords are crossed and I need to check them all over again.

~Untangling the kids from the lights. Inevitably, after I get the cords unwrapped and checked, Steven works his magic and has woven them into a lovely cloth with male and female parts (electrical, of course) all voer the place.

~ Searching for the nativity figures which the kids have mistaken for action figures. No, Steven, I'm pretty sure that even Darth Vader wouldn't sword fight with Joseph and Balthazar...

~ Finding batteries for all of the animated junk...er, um... holiday characters we have. We have many. My personal favorite is the "Shake Your Booty Santa" who has his "pencil holder" in prominent display.

~ Finding a place to cram... I mean store all of the other 'precious' possessions while the holiday stuff is out. I need a warehouse in my yard, I'm just saying.

To add to my merriment, I got the mail Saturday and opened a package. There was a Hershey Bar inside! My prayers have finally been answered! Chocolate delivered to my door! I held my breath as I turned the package over to make sure it was for me. Don't worry, it was! (That was a close one!)

My Ornament Exchange partner, Sam sent me not only the ornament, but a candy bar and a lovely Christmas card! She had told me that she bought something for my window rather than a traditional ornament, but I didn't expect it to be so CUTE!

Here he is:

He makes me so HAPPY and every time I see him, I will think of my new blogging buddy, Sam. I especially love him because after Christmas, I keep my snowmen out until about Easter. No kidding, just ask DH.

Right now, He is hanging on my patio door, but he may get moved as the mood strikes. I have a mud room where everyone comes in and out that could use a cheery little guy like this, too.

Sam has posted pictures of what I sent her on her site. Go check it out!

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Samantha said...

Wow, your snowman looks coooool! hehe I liked him immediately when I saw him :) I'm glad you enjoy him!