An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is something close to my heart as it runs in my family on my Mom's side. My Aunt was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and after my cousin was born, she became insulin-dependent.

About 2 years ago, my MIL was also diagnosed with Diabetes which puts my children at an even higher risk for developing the disease. I am more aware of what they consume daily and what they are craving. My oldest is very sensible and has excellent will power, but the 4 year old worries me.

My oldest was never really effected by caffeine or sugar that much. He has always been a busy child and has lots of energy, but he never bounced off the walls. The four year old is the antithesis! I truly think he came into the world aware of the fact that if you hold a sugary substance under your tongue it absorbs directly into your blood stream! He not only bounces off the walls, but the floor, windows, ceilings, etc. Busy, always, but give him some sugar and he's off like a rocket! And the crash when he comes down? It is NOT pretty!

I don't believe in removing sugar and carbs from their diets because I think that deprivation will only increase their desire for it. Have you ever told a child to stay out of something and then turned your back? Yeah,THAT worked, didn't it?

Education and setting an example are the best ways to teach a child. Children are amazingly impressionable and if you are frank with them and you show them how to make healthy choices. They will retain that... they may not use it until adulthood, but they'll have it in there somewhere.

Be a champion of your own health care! Diabetes is preventable if you start young.

Learn about the Warning Signs of Diabetes. To learn more abuot Diabetes, click here.

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