Nifty-Thrifty Thursday Tip!

It's about 50 degrees here today, but it's rainy and dreary. There is still a fog hanging around, too. Not unusual for Ohio in the Fall.

Or the Spring.

I always try to make the best of every situation, so here's what I've found:

1. It's NOT SNOWING! Big Plus.
2. It stopped pouring long enough for me to take Steven into preschool.
3. It's not raining at the moment.
4. It's not COLD!
5. The wind isn't blowing like it is over at 5 Minutes For Mom.
6. I can stay in and drink hot tea all day.

I know, you're waiting for my Nifty- Thrifty Tip, so here it is.

Whenever it's dreary and damp out, wear a BRIGHT COLOR! It really does make you feel better! My choice is red, because it is my favorite color and it brightens my face up and it stimulates me to keep moving.

Some other tips for dreary days:
1. Get a brightly colored raincoat or umbrella.
2. Get a brightly colored winter coat.
3. Wear a little more blush.
4. Exercise- get that blood pumping! Go here for tips on how to work out at your desk.
5. Smile! Hold a smile for 15 seconds and it really improves your mood.. just make sure no one is looking becasue they'll think you're about to snap. LOL!

If you have a tip that's Nifty or Thrifty, leave it (or a link to it) in my comments. Thanks for playing!

A note on my friend who may end up in jail tonight...

My dear friend, we'll call her Cruise Mama, is going to end up in jail tonight... I can just feel it. See Cruise Mama and her daughter, Cruise Girl (they sound like jet-set super heroes) are OBSESSED with a certain NBA star, we'll call him Andy :::wink::: .

Andy will be in a town near here tonight at a car dealership and Cruise Mama is absolutely beside herself with excitement!!! She keeps emailing me with the countdown of 'hours till Andy'. They attend many of the games- usually near the front row- with a sign in Andy's native language Portugese that reads, "Andy's #1 Fans!" He often gives them a 'thumbs-up' at the games when he sees their signs.

I can only imagine that tonight he'll see their big sign, and Cruise Girl wearing a wig in Andy's signature Afro-style, and have them arrested. I see a restraining order in their future!

Seriously, though, I hope they have a great time.

And don't get arrested!


janice said...

bright colors - I will try that.

today I am soooooo miserable with a cold. we are talking a seriously horrible cold! I am more miserable than the weather now!!!!

Kathleen Marie said...

I always liked to make forts, "houses" whatever when I was little too. Sometimes I would sleep in them, mom would let me dad wouldn't but somehow I always ended up in my bed in the morning.

Around here is is nice to dress in a little fur, pretty fur in the winter. Makes you feel festive.

Samantha said...

LOL! Your son MUST be the long lost brother of my girls! They are all 4 (well, the girls almost are anyways heheh), and they all love to build forts out of household wares LOL!

I'm sending you a virtual mai-tai girlfriend, because it sounds like you need it :)

My nifty thrifty thursday tip:
Always keep your fridge stocked with :
maraschina cherries
dark rum
light rum
pineapple juice
orange juice


Glad to meetchya "partner" heheh