How NOT to put a 4 year old to bed OR Why I am exhausted by 9 PM

My lovely 4 year old LOVES to build forts! He builds them out of anything and everything he can, pillows, couch cushions, blankets, chairs, couches etc. Once he even talked DH into blowing up our queen-size air mattress for camping, setting it on top of the love seat and 2 video game chairs and draping blankets from 3 sides. I'm not entirely sure that it was his idea (Dad comes up with some good ones, too :::wink:::, but when I came home that night, it actually had it's own "presence" in the living room!

So Dear Son builds yet another masterpiece in the middle of the living room tonight and stuffs it full of knights armor, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, half of the cast of the Star Wars anthology and a plethora of his crap... umm prized possessions and thinks he's sleeping in it. Mmmkay... he can barely get into it without all of the uh prized possessions oozing out of every crevice. Not to mention the fact that we go to bed 2 hours after them.

I lecture... umm lovingly explain that he needs to sleep in his bed so he has a lot of energy to play tomorrow.

No dice.

"You'll be so cold in there. There's no comforter," I explain.

"That's okay, Mom. I have my blankie and all my animals with fur." How does a 4 year old know diddly about thermal qualities?

"Honey, I'll leave your fort up so you can play with it all day tomorrow."

And the TANTRUM begins!

"FINE! I'm just not gonna ... ( this is where speech ends and the high-pitched, crying induced, incoherent babbling begins.)

He stomps down the hallway. Being that he was SO TIRED and had a long day, I decided to skip the punishment and telling him to apologize. He climbed in his bed on his own and I covered him up.

"I don't like this blanket! I don't like Scooby Doo!"

Okay, :::sigh:::. I dug out half of a Star Wars fleece blanket kit from his brother's closet. Thinking that I'm a genius, I proudly display it with a Cheshire-cat grin hoping for a similar grin from him. Not quite... he did stop fussing, but decided to do the Star Wars roll call and discuss each character at length; whether he has this one or not, what they are wearing and why they are on the blanket in the first place.

After about another 10 minutes of I need a drink, can I have a sippy cup of water in my bed with me and can we read my counting book one more time, I was ready to drop! To quote my dear friend, "Calgon, take me away!!!!"

Now I know where Samantha came up with her blog's name! In true "It's All For The Best"fashion, I look for the silver lining... at least it's MY bedtime now. But first, anyone have a fruity drink handy?

Update: Seems I'm not the only one. Check out the "Sassy Little Girl" post at Munchkinland.

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Antique Mommy said...

I could have written this post. This fort-building thing is my existance right now. And the not wanting to go to sleep. Ever. While I appreciate his creativity, it makes me very tired. Your son is a year older than Sean, so I guess I've got a lot more forts in my future.