I'm in the holiday mood!

I am SOOO in the holiday mood right now! I just watched a show on DIY about 3 families who are competing in a yard decorating contest. It's called Deck the Yard. They have some REALLY good ideas and it makes me want to get out and paint peppermint stripes on everything!

One family is doing a baseball theme, one is doing a candy land theme and one is doing the island of misfit toys (my personal favorite idea).

I also did some of my shopping online today and got some great deals!

I guess this means I need to get on track with the gifts I want to make this year. I have all kinds of ideas, but I don't know where I'll start. I have already made my cards and some birthday cards to give away, but f I want to crochet or sew anything, I'd better get stitching!

I know, I'm jumping the gun a little since Thanksgiving is in 3 days. I plan to list all the things I am thankful for on Wednesday. I don't want to skip over Thanksgiving at all since I think it's a very important holiday. I'm a big history buff and I appreciate the importance of giving thanks for this land and for what we have. That said, however, I don't need to do as much planning for Thanksgiving since I don't host it here. I was thinking about taking all of my fall/Thanksgiving decorations down and giving the house a good dusting before I drag anymore of my Christmas decorations up here.

So I've got Christmas on the brain! Bring on the tinsel! :o)

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Samantha said...

You go girl! I went ahead with my decorating because we're leaving first thing thursday morning to go to KY to spend thanksgiving with my husbands family :)