Busy little bees!

This house is buzzing today!

Steven had preschool today and I always let Matthew sleep in on preschool days and I drop him off before I take Steven.

So this was my morning AFTER the chaos of getting everyone ready:
~drop Matthew off
~cash check at the bank drive thru
~ drive around and go into the bank since the girls there had a Home & Garden Party order for me.
~drop Steven off
~sit in the parking lot and re-write my grocery list that I left at home from memory
~grocery shop
~stop for gas
~take groceries home and put cold stuff away- or so I thought
~pick up babysitting child from Kindergarden
~pick up Steven and his friend from preschool
~stop by my friend's house around the corner to show the kids her alpacas, pigmy goats and miniature horse.
~come home to find I had left my carton of eggnog in the garage with the pop. At least it was below 40 degrees this morning! I'd really hate to have to drink that eggnog that fast ;o)

So here we are at home and the kids are all fed and are playing contently.

For now...

I'm coming along quite well with all of the Christmas preparations. I got a few stocking stuffers at the grocery store and I have a cart-full on amazon to check out. I'm not doing too badly on that end. I plan to start addressing my Christmas cards today. I want to get them out ASAP!

Sounds like a great Tackle It Tuesday to me! I'll post about that later.

It also occurred to me that I haven't really posted much about my boys. I mean, I have posted things about them, but not much about who they are or what types of personalities they have. as with most siblings, they are TOTAL OPPOSITES!



I guess I should get on that. I don't know if my fingers can take all the typing!

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