Big Day!

It has been a big day in Ohio! May I just say...


Okay, just had to get that out of my system. :o)

To keep you all updated, the fort still stands, but it has morphed many, many, many times over the last couple of days. Finally today, DH had to make Steven move it back near the love seat so Steven would quit walking in front of the tv. LOL! It was a great game and even greater since...


Last night, Steven even made DH get INTO the fort with him. That was a sight! I was just about to snap a picture when DH popped up out of it and I missed the shot. DH is famously camera-shy. It's kinda cute, but it annoys me to no end. I have to sneak around to get him in pictures and I can barely get him to get a family photo.

On the subject of DH, he went out deer hunting this AM around 6, came back and went rabbit hunting with his Dad at 10, returned, ate lunch and headed out to deer hunt once again until the Buckeyes were on. (Did I mention they won?) As he carried his shot gun out to put in the truck, our 4 year old marveled out loud, "Wow, Dad! You've got a really big gun!"

DH and I couldn't help but laugh at the 'double meaning' in that one!

I am so excited as I found out I have Samantha as an ornament exchange partner! She seems really fun! You should give her a visit at her blog, MoMmY nEeDsA mAi tAi. You'll enjoy reading all about her on her other blog which contains her "100 things about me" post. I learned a lot! The ornament exchange is hosted by another sweet lady, Kathleen Marie over at Stranded In The Mountains. Her blog recently won a makeover and it is really beautiful! The music is so soothing and puts you right in the holiday mood!

I haven't decided what to get Samantha for her ornament, so if you know her and have any ideas, let me know.

After lunch, the boys and I spent some time stamping. I made about 15 birthday cards to give as gifts. I plan to make some card sets with my handy-dandy stamps. It's way easier to stamp a bunch of cards at once and make one mess than to work on one at a time. Matthew has been wanting to stamp some bookmarks, so I cut up some red card stock and he made, what else, GO BUCKS bookmarks with footballs on them. Who can blame him for loving such an awesome, WINNING team?

On the subject of crafts, Matthew wanted to make teepees for Thanksgiving last night. I gave him a couple of paper bags to crumble up and I cut the tips off some b-b-q skewers. We put a rubber band around the skewers near one end and stuck the other ends in some foam sheets. We wrapped the paper bag around the skewers and VOILA!!! Cute little teepees!

Aren't we just crafty? ;o)

So its about 9:30 and Steven is desperately trying to be quiet because he's sleeping in the fort. Every once in a while, you'll see a hand or foot popping out or you'll hear a little noise when he gets antsy in there. It's so cute!

Sweet dreams, little man! And GO BUCKS!

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Samantha said...

I think I love you LOL!
I KNOW we're going to be great friends :) *hugs*