Doin' the happy dance!

Yes! I'm doin' the happy dance! WHY? Well, it may not seem like much, but I have gotten some real deals in the last couple of days. As you know, I am getting everything ready for Christmas. WELL, today as I was out grocery shopping, I got a can of name-brand coffee for $2 off which should get us through December since I had just opened a can yesterday, AND I bought a plastic sword (the pirate cutlass variety) for $1.50!!! It was a leftover Halloween accessory, but Steven loves to play dress up and it's not packaged in any particular holiday fashion. He actually saw this sword first and went ga-ga over it. I distracted him with Christmas Pez dispensers in another display and shoved the sword into the cart!

Steven got a Playmobil Pirate Treasure Chest for Chirstmas last year and he is glued to those guys! They've been in the sandbox, to church, to Grandma's, in the tub (repeatedly) and they are still alive! Okay, so the hair and hats and earrings are MIA in his room, but the men themselves are in excellent shape and he prefers them minus thier 'lids'. As long as they have a sword or gun to hold, they can still fight. If you are looking for good quality toys that will last and last, I highly recommend Playmobil! They do cost more, but as I said, they are very well made and are worth every penny! They have sets for girls and boys, too! There's even a sale section on their website!

Another reason I'm happy dancin' is that I found some paper the boys had gotten last year that was all pastel colors and they never used it. I turned it into personalized stationery for Matthew's Principal. How did I do this? STAMPS! One of my favorite hobbies! All I did was to stamp a little decorative box at the top of each page, stamped her initals in the box and stamped a little swirly design at the bottom. I embossed them all and stamped the same thing on the envelopes in lavender. It took me all of 30 minutes for everything and it only took that long because I embossed. I think I may have to do the same thing for his teachers, too!


Stephanie said...

You are too crafty! Wow that paper was a great idea!

Heather said...

It's amazing what things I can come up with when the crafty mood strikes me. I had planned on making greeting cards, but I made "thank you" cards for her last year and just thought plain stationery would be a nice change. I keep a box of scrap paper (mostly the back-sides of school papers and notes that come home) and that paper was in the middle of it. It was pastel writing paper from a tablet that Mike's Mom had found at a surplus store for the boys. It fell right out of the tablets, so I stuck it in the scrap pile and it never got used. BONUS FOR ME!