Update #2: Here's the pics!

I FINISHED IT!!! I am so excited to say that I finished my very first Tackle It Tuesday ON Tuesday! And what a big tackle it was! I will post pics tomorrow as I don't want to wake my sweet darlings with the flash or the hallway lights.

Here is the break-down. I ended up with:

A 13 gallon trash bag FULL of stuff to throw away.
A plastic, handled grocery bag full of stuff for Goodwill.
Another plastic, handled grocery bag full of stuff to give to a Mom I babysit for.
Yet another grocery bag of fabric to move to my sewing fabric.
A zippered quilt bag of beach towels to go in the basement for the winter.
One FABULOUSLY clean closet!

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and welcomes! I can see how this is addicting!

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