Black Friday, here I am!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and good night afterwards. Steven spent the night at DH's parents house, so no fighting the long "go to bed" battle. WHEW!

SO I have never partaken in the Black Friday tradition of getting up in the middle of a perfectly good, tryptophan-induced night of sleep... until today. I expected it to be the standing in mile-long lines, people pushing and shoving and mobs everywhere, but I had none of that. Actually, IT-WAS-FUN!!!!!!!!!

Usually, DH goes hunting. He has every year since I met him, until this year. Thursday, he moved his treestands to the woods where he gun hunts and decided that he'd try sleeping in on Friday for a change. DH's sister goes every year. Her husband suggested we go together, but I think we both would rather not be tied to what the other person wants to do or get stuck waiting for the other to get checked out, etc. I am much better to shop without anyone tagging along or holding me up and I certainly don't want to be the one to hold anyone else up.

DH and I prepared!!! We had scoured the Thursday ads and found a few good deals that we couldn't pass up, so I figured that I'd give this whole event a go.

I made my lists in my little notebook last night; which stores, which items, etc. I thought about setting my alarm, but I am NOT a morning person and I hate being told I have to get up, so I thought, "If I wake up, I'll go early. If not, I'll just go later. We've gone later in the morning for things before and for the most part, there are still great deals to be had, so it was no big deal.

I rolled over at 4 AM on the dot, laid there stretching for about 5 minutes and decided that if I rolled back over, I wouldn't wake up until at least 8. Out of bed I popped and got ready to go. The stores I was heading to are about 20 minutes from here and we were socked in with a super-dense fog this morning. I wanted to leave plenty of time for driving. I was glad to go in the dark because at least then, people will be sure to have their lights on.

warning, venting tangent- I despise morons who don't turn their lights on when it's foggy during the day!!! HUGE pet peeve of mine! It's for safety people!!! You can be seen a minimum of 5 seconds sooner with your lights on in the fog during the daylight hours! We all know how much difference even one second can make in a vehicle! end tangent :o)

I went to 3 stores and there was only one item I wanted for Matthew's birthday in January that I was unable to get. Bummer! We did find a suitable replacement online, though. I was home by 8 AM, got some super-duper deals and I actually got most of the people on my list done!

What I didn't get in the store, I got online after I got home and most of that had been added to my amazon cart during the last week.

I feel like I got SO MUCH accomplished! I am treating myself to my first eggnog of the season as I type!

Boy, I hope DH doesn't plan on doing anymore hunting the day after Thanksgiving again! :o)

Anyone else have a good shopping day?


Samantha said...

Hiya! I'm back from KY! I had a great thanksgiving, hope you did too :o) I didnt get to get in any great shopping, didnt have time ! We were trying to squeeze in enough time to visit EVERYONE LOL

Stephanie said...

I went alone two years ago and also got so much done. This year I was not organized and didn't get much done, but we still had fun!