Feeling happier

I am generally an upbeat person. I try to smile a lot and I try to focus on the good in everything. As a result, my interest was peaked when I opened up Yahoo! this morning and saw an article about being happier.

In the article, a motivational speaker was given an assignment to think of three good things that happened that day and analyze why they happened. This activity alone was to help ease her worries adn make her a happier person and apparently it worked!

I don't know about you, but it sounds like it's worth a try to me!

I do something similar with my kids when I tuck them in at night. I the last thing I ask them is, "What was your favorite thing about today?" They ask me the same thing right back, too. I like to leave them with a happy memory as they drift off to sleep. I hope this has helped them to be happy kids!

What are three good things that have happened to you today? Post a comment and let everyone know!


Samantha said...

3 good things that happened to Sam today:

1) I drove my kids around to look at christmas lights.
2) I got emails from some good friends :o)
3) I got some nooky from the hubby! hehehehe

janice said...

that is a great idea! I am going to do that with Jackson.

Also - wanted to let you know, if you are looking for Tackle It Tuesday on my site today you need to scroll down. There is a post first about Jackson with a slide show of him dancing. A riot actually - you don't want to miss it!