Adventures in Babysitting

I was thinking about starting another blog for me, my Mom and my friend and FLYbuddy Lisa to contribute to called, "Adventures in Babysitting" as we all babysit, but "MIS-adventures" might be a better description. For now, though, I will be happy to regale you all with a true story of kids and 'poo' right here. They go hand-in hand- maybe not the best term, but it sets the mood for the story...

I had stopped by my Mom's house while my 4 year old, Steven, was at preschool. I had taken Skylar with me. Skylar is about 27 months old and I've watched her since she was 2 months old. She's like the daughter I've never had. My Mom babysits my nephew, Brayden (almost 2), and my nieces, Madison (5) and Audrey (14 months). It's a 3-ring circus at Mom's house, but I grew up with 3 sisters, so that's nothing new.

As I was putting Skylar's coat on to leave, I smelled IT!!! I asked her if she pooed and she said no. I checked and she was clean. We looked down at the other suspects and Mom proceeded to check Brayden. She jumped back in horror at the realization that Brayden was bare... bottomed, that is! His diaper had fallen down inside his pant-leg and the pungent poo had fallen down the other!

Mom tried to remove his pants and diaper to clean up the mess and he threw a FIT! I think he was embarrassed to be changed in front of Skylar and me. Whatever the reason, he was kicking and flopping around like a fish out of water. I stood in the background throwing baby wipes and diapers at Mom to try and help. She got him wrestled down and changed without any poo getting on the carpet. WHEW! Then... as she picked up the pants/diaper wad, one lone piece of poo went rolling across the rug! LOL! Skylar and I had a little chuckle and slipped out the door as fast as we could!

Don't get me wrong. I only chuckled because I have been there myself. Two years ago, the first day I was to watch my some new kids, Steven had pooed (the loose variety) while playing in the living room. I keep their small toys in dish tubs and he was jumping off of one of the overturned tubs that day and slipped, landing with his bottom on the edge of the tub which he then sild down. That made the poo (loose, if you remember) squirt out of the back of the diaper and onto... well everything. I was scrubbing the carpet when the new kids arrived and their Mom chuckled at me, too. Seems she had a run-in with some poo in her carpet the day before, so I was not alone.

I wish you all a chuckle-filled, poo-free day!


Stephanie said...

I think we all have some horror stories about poo. Cleaning up after my own kids never bothered me, but for some reason cleaning some one else's poo always makes my stomach turn. Weird huh?

Heather said...

Funny you should mention that. I get a science e-newsletter and in one article they said that mothers are naturally not repulsed by their offsprings' poo, etc. so that they will properly care for them. Thank God for that one!