Nifty-Thrifty Thursday Tip!

I don't plan on hosting any blog carnivals just yet, but I thought it was a catchy title and I do actually have a tip that goes along with it.

My tip today has to do with saving time and sanity. Flylady often sings the praises of her timer. There is a cute little anagram for DING- Do It Now, Girl! I have used mine for many things including cleaning, letting things soak in the washer and of course for cooking/baking, but kids love them, too.

MY TIP- Use your timer while the kids get ready for bed, cleaning up toys, going out, going to school, etc.! They love to "race the timer" and it teaches them a little about time management. The little ones will quickly learn what 5 minutes is or that they can pick up their toys in less than 10 minutes-even when it's really messy.

I used to put my timer-which has 2 timer settings- in the bathroom while Matthew was in the tub. When the first timer went off, it was time for him to get out. Then, he had about another 8-10 minutes to dry off, get jammies on and brush teeth before the next timer went off. It was so fun for him and so nice for me to not have to nag him to get out and get ready for bed.

When Steven was old enough to take a bath with Matthew, I had to be in the bathroom the entire time anyways, so we got away from using the timer. Now it's back! Of course I can't find my old timer, but my wind-up kitchen timer works equally well and it's been in the bathroom all week. I used it this morning while I was getting myself ready and when I came out, they were dressed and ready to fly out the door. It made a big difference heading out the door smiling rather than rushing and yelling.

Do you have any Nifty or Thrifty tips? Send them my way! Now, where IS my old timer anyway...?

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