A Little Change (not related to earlier post. LOL!)

Do you like the pink? I'm being fickle, I know, but I'm in the mood for a little bit-o-girly today. I keep playing around searching for new things to add to my blog or directories to list on or ways to personalize it more. Any good ideas?

Speaking of girly... have you done anything to pamper yourself lately? I challenge you to do something for yourself after reading this. Paint your toenails, put on something that makes you feel extra good, light some candles during dinner, wear some perfume. Just do something you don't usually do for yourself. Below is a list of ways you can pamper yourself:

Take a bubble bath
Have a great cup of tea
Eat a piece of chocolate!
Stretch (it really feels good)
Work on your favorite craft
Go for a walk
Take the kids to the park and read while they play
Paint your nails
Put on your favorite perfume
Put on your 'good' jewelry
Use your 'good' dishes and candles for supper
Give yourself a foot rub!

Another Nifty-Thrifty Tip- One of my favorite things to do this time of year is sugar scrubs! Take a teaspoon of sugar in your palm and add a little of your favorite hand soap or scented body wash adn scrub under warm water. Pat dry and put on some hand lotion. Voila! This really softens your skin and makes you feel great!

What do you liek to do to pamper yourself? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Pampering myself means going to the grocery store with no children! Since we only have a shower I haven't taken a bubble bath in years.

Stephanie said...

LOL Mandy, I feel the same way! Pampering myself is not something I've ever been very good at!