Dare I?

     Once occupying a large amount of my time and energy, this blog was a favorite place of mine. I composed posts in my head at all hours of the day and night. I wrote post after post and tried to post everyday so as to keep things fresh for my readers and friends. It made me feel like more than a stay-at-home mom - which is plenty in itself - and babysitter. I was able to interact with others from my own home and during the times I chose without disrupting the lives of those around me. I felt appreciated and needed and important on a whole different level. I loved it dearly.

     Fast-forward a few years and things at home changed. The kids I cared for were growing up and not in need of a babysitter, my own kids were growing up and participating in sports and groups that pulled us away from home for hours on end, and I found myself needing to go back to a steady job to bump up our household income. Time became a commodity and, being a time consumer, the blog got pushed to the wayside.

     I missed writing terribly and still composed in my head, as writers often do, at all hours of the day. As hubby and the boys would tottle off to bed and the house grew quiet, I would long to plop down in front of the computer and type away. I am a night-owl by nature and my brain comes alive at night. Early mornings, however, are not my thing and an early morning getting kiddos ready for school is even less appealing. Sleep always won out.

    Fast forward a couple more years: the job has changed, the kids have grown (a lot), babysitting kids are fewer and only in the summer. After several weeks of thinking about it, here I am. I make no promises to write or post everyday. I have no real plan other than to write when I feel like writing. Maybe that will form into a routine - I do love my routines- and maybe not, but there it is. MAN that felt good!

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