Book Let-down

*Note: this post is spoiler-free.*

     I am suffering from book let-down. If you've ever read a novel, you know just what I'm talking about. That strange, empty feeling you get when the words run out and the world you have just "lived" in and all of the people in it disappear in a *poof* yet still linger nearby. The echoes of the places and dialogue flit through your mind. The characters you picture in your mind are suddenly shushed and longing for more to say and do. I'm no doctor, but I believe that book let-down is a true - albeit mild - form of depression and it hangs over our heads like a dark storm cloud.
     I have found no cure for book let-down, other than time or a sequel if one exists. In this case, I have just finished Diana Gabaldon's 8th (yes EIGHTH) installment in the Outlander series, Written in My Own Heart's Blood, affectionately referred to as MOBY. After eight brilliant novels - not to mention the many novellas, short stories and companion books the compliment the series - you can imagine how vested I - and millions of others - have become in the lives and adventures of the characters. The book ends and I feel like dear friends have picked up and moved away. 
     I know at least another novel is coming in the series (per Doctor Gabaldon, herself) and MOBY was written with a portentous ending, leaving the reader anxious to continue the story. I read it on my kindle and truly was surprised when I expected another delicious chapter and was met with the Author's Notes section (which are nearly as good a read as the story).
     So I will pause now and digest my new knowledge of favorite characters. I will mourn their losses and revel in their triumphs and reread MOBY again and again. I will enjoy the books forever and be so thankful that the stories I love will always be there for me to go back to at will. My mini storm cloud will soon roll away and that will be my silver lining. 

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