How I lost 10 Lbs. Overnight

While I have never been one to obsess over my weight, I do try to maintain a healthy one. I never panic if I gain a pound or five and I never, ever ask anyone if something makes me look fat... they may answer with a "yes" after all. :o)

I try to eat healthy, but I don't deprive myself and I do have a very strong will power. I am notorious for refusing birthday cake and/or ice cream. I like to listen to my body and if I get a craving, I often ask myself if I am truly hungry or simply thirsty. It is almost always the latter.

With that said, I have a bathroom scale like most American households do. It's a digital one, but not one that talks to you like in the Garfield cartoons. I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle that kind of abuse. I hop on occasionally just to see where I am at. I have a weight range I like to stay in and I would be thrilled if I dipped below that range a bit more, but I don't really 'diet' to get there.

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Steven's 8th birthday with a family party. Some of my family members who are keeping track of their weight loss were contemplating cake and ice cream and took turns on the scale. Mandy suggested that my scale was over by 10 pounds. I hadn't had any problems with it, so I didn't worry about it too much until a few days ago when Matthew (who is 12) said he was so close to hitting 90. He went in to weigh himself and said he was now at 86. Now, no 12 year-old boy under 90 lbs. should be losing 3 lbs. in a day, so I thought maybe the batteries were going out.

I flipped the scale over to find that the battery cover was popped out slightly and so was the battery. I popped it back in and Matthew stepped on to find that he only weighed 84 lbs. He was disappointed because he's been trying to put on a little more muscle for 7th grade football. What can I say? He got his dad's metabolism for sure!

The scale issue being resolved, I decided it had been a couple of weeks since I had weighed myself. I've been getting into the upper regions of my ideal range and avoided getting on the scale too often so as not to beat myself up. So I hopped on and held my breath in anticipation. Sure enough, I was 10 lbs. less than I had weighed the last time! I guess Mandy was right and I'm so glad she was! :o)


Mandy said...

Darn that stinking scale anyway!
P.S. I was going to blow up the line about me being right but I hear it so often that I really don't need the reminder! LOL

Just Breathe said...

Now I wouldn't mind that happening to me :)