Sometimes You Just Have to Start Over

Sometimes life just gets to be too much for us. It can be as extreme as a relationship that has fizzled out or as commonplace as a closet that has gotten overloaded with clutter. When it gets to a certain point, you just have to wake up, admit that enough is enough and start over. The relationship needs ended and the closet needs to be completely purged. Wipe the slate clean!

I am using today to do some of that type of stuff. I have a few closets, both literally and figuratively, around here that need to be emptied and restocked with the bare necessities. From time to time, I have to just go on a de-cluttering bender to clear my junk and clear my head. The peace it brings to walk into a clean room is incentive enough.
Ever noticed how freeing it is to just toss that pile of papers you haven't taken the time to go through? How about clicking that "mark all read" botton in your feed reader or inbox? Ahhh! Like a lead jacket has been taken off. 99% of the time, you won't have missed a thing and you'll feel much better.

Now is a good time because school is only a month off (cringe) and there are no children's birthdays (aka "toy-clutter-fests") in our house in the very near future. There is a slight chance my de-cluttered spaces will stay that way for a while!

While my closets won't be resembling the one pictured above (Sorry, honey, not by a long shot) I need to fling the physical clutter from my life before I can fling the mental clutter. Peace is on the horizon!

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TERI MANN said...

I have always believed that if you have your house in order, everything else just falls into place. I would love to have a closet like that picture.