A Tip or Two- No More Flat Soda Pop

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This is a new little series of posts where I choose one or two of the vast amounts of semi-useful tips I have floating around in my head and pass it on to you.

Today's tip is about keeping your 2-liter bottles of pop (or soda if you aren't from Ohio) from going flat before you can drink them. This will work on any screw-top bottle of fizzy drink. After pouring your drink, replace the cap and screw on tightly. Then, simply hit the bottle on the bottom kind of hard- enough to make it all fizz up inside. The extra fizz will re-pressurize the bottle and settle quickly. Next time you open the bottle, you should get that familiar "Pssssssshhhhhhh" sound and your drink will be as fizzy as when you first opened it!

Please note that some people will tip the bottle over and hit the bottom. It works either way.

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