Why I Don't Like Going to the Movies

I know most people love it... going out for the night, sitting in a Berkline type chair, eating popcorn and drinking a ridiculously large drink and watching the latest Hollywood hit (or flop in some cases), but I really don't like going to the movies.

My reason is simple, I used to clean the local movie theater complex. There are 10 theaters and my job was to remove all of the cups (filled with all sorts of unmentionable things) and paper trash, sweep up the stale, walked-on popcorn, and mop and vacuum each theater. I also had to clean the lobby and bathrooms.

Let me tell you that it was a real eye-opening experience.

You can find out a lot about people when you see what they do when they are sitting in a dark movie theater. OH YES YOU CAN!!! My number one observation is that people are L-A-Z-Y and don't want to get up and walk their butts out of that theater to do anything!! I will leave that up to your imagination...

I no longer enjoy the smell of popcorn- microwave is slightly less stomach-turning for me and I can handle making it for the kids once in a while. I can't stand the frigid air in the theaters - do they pipe it in from Antarctica or something??? The sound takes my eardrums to a whole other dimension of decibel-tolerance- they must be wearing their parkas and ear muffs when they test the volume. I must be getting old, though I've had these feelings about movie theaters since I was a teenager. Until recently, the last movie I saw in a theater was Monsters Incorporated.

I finally did venture out with a friend, her daughter and my niece a couple of weeks ago to see a movie at the theater that I used to clean. The place hasn't changed much and I can't say that I miss it at all. It only confirmed what I have known for years and years... that I hate movie theaters and don't intend on returning to one for quite some time.


Mandy said...

Well! What movie did you see?

AudreyO said...

I truly can't imagine what others might do in a theater. I go, I watch the movie, I leave. Having said that I almost never make it to the theater. I much prefer my own couch and a DVD.