Tis the Season...

... for colds and flu-u. Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la.

What a weekend of Kleenex and Purell, Motrin and Mucinex! Blech!

I'm just glad the boys are over it. Hubs and I are still coughing a bit.

I spent the better part of Sunday- okay, AND some of Saturday- lying in my recliner with two blankets piled on me just trying to get warmed up and comfortable (my necklace that I always wear even had to come off for a while).

And as soon as I get warm? I do a marathon-mom sprint through the house to get as many chores as I can done. Laundry? In. Bills? Paid. Dishwasher? Loaded and running. Floor? Swept. Blogging and reading? Finally!

Hey, I have to have some priorities, right?

I am also in the midst of planning a little soiree I'm having for the ladies to attend on Friday night. It will be a hoot!!! I can't give out any details- this is a family blog, after all- but suffice it to say that they'll walk away primed for Valentine's Day!! He he he!!

I am super excited that I won't have to wear my scarf and ear-muffs at work this week! It has been such a pain having to bundle up every day.

I'm off to tackle my week. Hope yours is great and flu-free!

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AudreyO said...

We got flu shots this year for the first time and so far thank goodness we've not had the flu. I'm still kind of holding my breath as everyone else seems to be getting it still. Hope your cough goes away soon and everyone is back to healthy. It's fun to come "visit" blogs after bloggy carnival when I can take my time and read and comment.