Are You Ready to Par-Tay???

This weekend, I'm throwing a little girl's night-out party and its turning into quite the event. Its not your average party, mind you. Think a tupperware party with 'romance-aid-type-clothing-and-accessories' instead of the tupperware and you're on the right track.

This is a family blog- I'm attempting to be subtle. Did it work?

Anyway, I really didn't think I would get a huge number of "yes" replies, but they keep rolling in! Several of the girls are also bringing friends. I know we'll have fun!

Mike is planning to take the boys out for the evening and I know they'll have fun, too.

In other news:

~ Don't forget to sign up for my Rain-X Car Care Kit Giveaway! You have until midnight Friday to enter and you don't even have to have a blog to enter!!

~ The Make It From Scratch Carnival is up at I've Got a Little Space to Fill. Don't miss it!

~ The weather has been so nice the last few days that everyone is anxiously checking their Nixon watches to see when spring arrives. I can't wait for it myself, but the forecast is for one more day of 50's and then it's back to the 30's. I guess that's better than the single digits we've had most of the year so far.

So, does anyone else have any big plans for the weekend? Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day???

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