Yes, I Am This Nerdy...er...um... Cool.

Michelle at Scribbit posted a wonderful little post yesterday about our goals and resolutions. It's a very motivating post that I encourage you to read through and soak in.

I'll just wait while you do that.

Okay. So in the post, she gives us a perfect acronym to help us follow through with our goals and, like many women who get sidetracked so very easily (who's with me here?) I'm sure I'll forget it in a matter of hours without a visual reminder under my nose at all times.

Like I often say, "If it isn't stapled to my forehead, I'll forget it."

Since I'm not too keen on adding staple marks to the age lines and creases that have already taken up permanent residence my forehead, I decided to print out the GOALS acronym -just as it appears on Scribbit- a couple of times, cover them with packing tape and make some ever-so-cute-and-simple bookmarks with them.

What do you think?
Ahh... crafting and motivation. The two best fat burners known to woman!

Aside from being my blogging hero, Michelle shall heretofore be known by all as a motivational genius! Anyone who can motivate 4 kids all day and still crank out quality blog posts while looking and cooking as fabulous as she does has earned a spot in my hall of fame. And that's big stuff, people!
Big Stuff!

The Make It From Scratch Carnival is up over at A Dusty Frame. She did a very cute 'Inaugural Edition' with inauguration trivia sprinkled in. AWESOME!!!


Diana said...

Thanks for the link!

Scribbit said...

I don't think you're nerdy at all! Unless maybe I am too. Oh no . . . am I nerdy?