In the Home Stretch 2

Christmas break is coming to a close. It has been a full, busy and wonderful two weeks. The baking, sewing, crafting, parties, family gatherings, gift-giving, celebrating, wrapping, unwrapping, preparing and recovering will likely blend into one blur of a memory. It will also become part of a larger memory of our family when it was young. Years from now, I doubt we'll remember Christmas 2008 as anything extra-special, but it will be remembered fondly because we spent it together. We ran the race as a team. We're now embarking on a new path in a new year. Who knows what life will bring to us from this point on, but we will surely tackle that as a team, too.

School starts back up Monday. We'll have plenty of activities and events to keep us busy. There is no such thing as a holiday let-down in this house. We have about 6 birthdays in January that need celebrating and many hours in our days are being claimed by basketball practices and games. That will soon morph into baseball and eventually football with various holidays and birthdays sprinkled in for good measure. Though it may require different uniforms and protective gear, life goes on.

One thing the boys were disappointed about was the lack of snow over their break. We had a bit of powdery dust, but not once were they able to get out and make snow angels or use their new snowball fight shields they got for Christmas. I'm sure good ol' Mother Nature will live up to Northeast Ohio's expectations, though, and we'll have a snow day or two soon. Then they can shovel play to their hearts' content.

If you're looking for something fun to make for your kiddos, visit my latest Saturday Craft post at Make it From Scratch pictured above. The boys and I have had a blast playing with our new Hand Hacky Sacks! I'm getting pretty good at it, too!

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Mandy said...

My boys can't wait for snow! They are ready to wear their new snowpants, hats, gloves and boots that they got and they are ready to try out the awesome snow tubes that you got them!