Do You?

I rarely make New Year's resolutions.

Sure, I'd like to lose a few extra pounds, but I don't think starting a new diet or trying to find help form the best diet pill on the market at the beginning of the year is going to be the magic ticket. I never want to hear myself utter the words, "I'm starting my new diet tomorrow."

I am always trying to be a better person. I often look at what I don't like about other people and do my best to not be like that. I try to top the last nice thing I did for someone with something even nicer or I look at the things I do and say and try to improve on them.

One reason for not making resolutions is to avoid disappointment when 31 days later you haven't even taken the first step. Another reason may be that you don't want to go through the work and planning necessary to actually bring a goal to fruition. Yet another may be laziness. I'm not sure which description fits me. I feel that if something is that important, why wait until January 1 to start? Do it now.

Take that first step by exercising a bit each day- starting today. Drop that letter in the mail that you've been wanting to send- even if you just sent the person a Christmas card last week. Don't wait until the perfect time or until you have the perfect supplies or whatever. Before you know it, the perfect moment has past or may never come.

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