... Or Maybe My Fairy Housekeeper Will Just Appear.

A friend and I were chatting about how busy the weekends are and she commented how nice it would be to have 2 work days per week followed by a 5-day weekend. How nice does that sound? I think that would be nice, although I'd prefer to have that once a month rather than every week because I always say that if I had another set of arms, I'd just be expected to work twice as hard. If I had more time, I'd either fill it with more things to do or I'd take longer to complete the tasks I already have planned.

At times I feel like I'm on a roll- all cylinders are clicking and its smooth sailing. Other times, I feel overwhelmed just trying to accomplish the simplest of tasks- like a computer with a broken Linksys router. Today was busy, yes. Tomorrow is very busy, but I get a little down time the rest of the week. It always comes in spurts for me. Just like a card I once bought that had a squirrel paddling in a boat. His little cartoon bubble said, "Just when I find a paddle, they add more !#$%^! to the creek." Ain't it the truth?!?!

One thing I can say is that we are supposed to have beautiful weather all week. That always makes running to and fro more enjoyable. Maybe I'll roll down the window and crank up the radio. I'll let the wind blow through my hair as I zip from place to place. I'll enjoy my busy day and not worry about whatever needs done at home. After all, the laundry and dust will still be there when I get home.

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