Screwy Saturday

I'm all off-kilter lately and today is no exception.

With Matthew spraining his thumb (can you see how swollen the right one is?), our normal Saturday-game-day routine is out the window. Today would have been the last game anyways, but it was so abrupt a way to end the season. His thumb and hand are completely black and purple now, but the swelling has gone down. Thank goodness!

I also went to a baby shower for my cousin's wife, Carrie. She is due with their first in December. She got all kinds of cute and practical gifts. Each gift of soft clothes and personalized books and tiny socks enticed coos of "awww" out of the entire room! Is there anything cuter than fuzzy newborn clothes and toys???

Carrie's Mom also made an adorable wreath with a foam wreath form and newborn diapers! She wrapped each diaper around the form and fastened it with a clear rubber band until the form was full. Then, she tied rattles and teething toys to it with ribbon. It was so neat!

After that, we came home and we've been here ever since! Believe me, that's unusual for this time of year! I'm glad for a little down time, but there's nothing 'down' about it since I've spent most of it catching up on some laundry and housework that I've let fall by the wayside.

If Matthew's team wins tonight, we'll be right back into it because they'll make playoffs. That means at least another week of practices and one more game. He loves it so much that I don't really mind, though. Even though I won't be entirely disappointed if they lose tonight, I'm kind of hoping they win so he can have his last game. :o)

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Stephanie said...

YOu have had a crazy week. Glad the shower went well. Hope Matthew heals fast!