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Today is the last day of a long weekend for us. This is the week of our county fair, so all of the school kids get Monday off for Fair Day. Our school and a few others made Tuesday a teacher in-service day giving us a nice 4-day weekend to enjoy.

I remember when we were kids that the teacher in-service days were all placed before school even started and school never started until after Labor Day. Those were the days. This year, we started in mid-August. The school got terribly lucky that it hasn't been as hot as it usually is this August, though last week was really hot and I know of at least one kid that passed out. I for one, would have foregone the long weekends here and there throughout the year to just have more summer vacation.

I haven't accomplished much this weekend other than finishing my scarf for the troops, posting my 'cute if I do say so myself ' fabric gift bags at the new Make it from Scratch site and some laundry. I haven't even blogged that much! I may suffer withdrawal symptoms!!! Better get on that right now! :o)

Anyways, I wanted to pass on some links for you all today and make some announcements.

Link #1- The Make it from Sratch Carnival is up at Greensyle Mom and she did an excellent job! Make sure you stop by.

Link #2- If you are moving to Boston anytime soon, you might need to submit some Boston resumes.

Link #3- If you are a history/Literature geek like me, you might enjoy reading about the discovery of the site of Odysseus' Ithaca in Homer's The Odyssey. Its a long article, but worth the read.

Announcement #1- I'll be having another fabulous giveaway for you soon

Announcement #2- I'll soon be posting a cool new site review that can earn money for your local school!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday!

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