Random Memory #12

When we lived in North Olmsted, my Dad and Uncle John used our garage and chicken coop to store things they were fixing up. I remember a lot of dirt bikes and I'm sure there were some used Harleys at one time or another.

I also remember that we had a few vehicles that we drove. One that I will never forget is the big yellow van. I think we called it the banana van. We also had a little silver Ford Escort and an old brown pickup with a flat bed on it. Dad had a silver and gray F-150 at one time, too. He also had a Harley.

I remember that at at least one of our birthday parties (possibly Stacy's since it is in the summer) Dad and Uncle John took us all for Harley rides in the open field between our house and the boarding stable next door. We were little and I recall sitting in front of Dad holding onto the gas caps while we hit each bump as we rode through the field. I'm sure we weren't going as fast as I remember, but I know my hair was blowing back and to me it seemed like 80 miles an hour.

I don't know if this is the same party or not, but as I am thinking about it, I remember Mom- who was always painting- painting "Happy Birthday" in different colors on a couple of canvas boards. I thought that was the coolest birthday sign ever and I wished I could have painted it.

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