I'm catching up on some housekeeping today. I've really let it go these past couple of weeks. I mean I've been picking up, but I had a garage sale and I still have the leftovers from that sitting in the garage, I have some other things I've been meaning to get to sitting out waiting and there is just a bunch of deeper cleaning I really need to get to! I hate to make excuses, but its so nice outside that I've been neglecting the inside.

I have a daily routine that I follow to keep the bathrooms clean. With boys in the house who have poor very bad zero ability aim, that needs tended to at least once daily. I also try to keep the kitchen counters and sink relatively clean. I don't like to let the dishes sit in the sink and as soon as the dishwasher is near full, I run it and empty it at the first chance.

Here is the minimum of what I try to accomplish on a daily basis (the quicker the better):
Swish and Swipe- Flylady's term for very quickly wiping the bathroom mirror, faucet, sink, counter top, toilet and floor (swipe) then- with or without cleaner- swishing the toilet (swish).
Sweep & Spot Wipe Kitchen Floor- This needs done daily for sure in my house!
Run & Empty Dishwasher- If the dishwasher is empty, it will be easier to keep your sink empty. If I don't have a full load, I find other things that can be tossed in to fill it up like coasters, refrigerator door shelves or diffusers.
Shine Kitchen Sink- Another Flylady habit. It is so nice to have an empty sink and clean counter top next to it! Sometimes I use cleaner, but more often than not, I just use dish soap and a dishcloth.
Clean Living Room Floor- The kids do bring toys in and play, but it only takes a few minutes to get it all put away. I run the vacuum at least 3 times a week in here to at least hit the high-traffic areas.
Clear Off Snack Bar- Our snack bar is the biggest clutter magnet in the house. Everyone comes in the door and tosses their stuff there or they put something down there as they pass through. I am guilty of it, too.
One Load Of Laundry- Ideally, I wash, dry, fold and put away one load of laundry each day. It doesn't always happen and on Thursdays I like to do any extra loads like rugs, curtains or linens.
Lay Out Clothes For Tomorrow- This one saves a lot of time and sanity in the morning.

I generally don't make the bed this time of year just because I let the little ones I babysit nap in there and what's the point? I also don't make the kids make their beds because if I'm not doing it, why should they? I also want them to feel like they can play in their rooms and not have to stress about what the bed looks like.

My weekly routine is a separate thing that helps me concentrate on one type of room or chore per weekday. I have no set jobs, but knowing there is a certain room I need to think about helps me stay on task. Whenever I have a moment, I get something done in the room of the day.

Monday- Living room
Tuesday- Kitchen
Wednesday- Bathrooms
Thursday- Laundry/ Mud room
Friday- Bedrooms

Some of the things I do on these days:
Dust, vacuum, mop, clean windows/mirrors/TV screens, clean light switch plates, clean door knobs, dust tops of wood trim & door/window frames, declutter.

With a workout like that, who the heck needs ellipticals?

I'm not obsessive about my cleaning. I know it will get dirty again and that cleaning a house is a constant cycle. It will never be completely clean all at once, but if I keep up with things daily, they'll never be filthy.

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