Quick Wardrobe and Packing Tips

I've been reading all of the posts talking about BlogHer and another blogging con that happened last weekend and it got me to thinking about some of my favorite wardrobe and packing tips. These are helpful for home and travel alike.

1. Buy black and white base pieces. Your basic black dress and shoes, a white blouse, black pants or jeans, a black and white print dress or top, a black jacket or blazer etc. These are the foundation of your wardrobe that will last longer and often cost more- black and white is more versatile. Also, if your base pieces are black and white, you can mix and match easier with less pieces. One black pair of pants can be worn two days in a row with two different tops. Two outfits, three pieces!

2. Buy accessories and accent pieces in colors. Concentrate on colors and prints for earrings, scarves, hair accessories, some shoes, bags and tops. These colors can be layered with your black and white pieces to make for more interesting ensembles and it really makes them pop! This is where you can follow the trends and be more daring.

3. To pack your clothes, rolling them tightly takes up less room in a bag or suitcase than folding. I promise! Give it a try sometime.

4. When you arrive at your hotel, hang clothes up immediately. If you'd like, hang them in the bathroom and run a hot shower to let the steam relax them from being packed.

So now you can make the most of your wardrobe dollar and your suitcase space!

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Good tips!
I'm Jonny by the way.
I came across your blog while browsing,
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Well feel free to read/comment my posts.
I'd greatly appreciate it.