Things You Learn Working In A School Cafeteria

1. Kids have no qualms about putting their feet or rear ends where they set their food. There's an animal like that, isn't there?

2. Anything left in the possession of children (and let's face it, some adults) without close supervision quickly becomes ammo or art supplies. For example, I once had to clean a peanut butter smiley face off of a chair.

3. Kids will do anything (and I do mean anything) to make their friends laugh. Shudder! Gross!

4. Children (and again, many adults) cannot read signs hung right in front of their faces.

5. There are children that can talk faster than the speed of sound.

Just a few things I picked up this year. More to come, I'm sure. :o)


Kokopelli said...

That's funny..."...ammo or art supplies..". I'm stealing it!

Cheryl said...

What a fun blog to read. I want to hear more!