Back In The Game!

We're back from vacation!

Actually, we came back a couple of days early because the fishing wasn't very good.

Okay, it was terrible.

We basically got skunked by the Bluegill. We caught a few Crappies and a couple of Perch, but nothing like we usually do. We were plagued by sunburn (Matthew), and fever (Steven) and when we got home Tuesday night, Matthew vomited about 3 times. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend and back to normal. Well... back to our usual anyways. :o)

Isn't it funny how you can go away for just a few days, but come back to a totally different world? It's the same ol' home you left mere days before has changed so much. Events that happen while you're gone change the way you look at things. Your whole schedule and plan for getting back to your normal routine is thrown into chaos by having to sort through the pile of mail, listen to all of the phone messages and go through the emails about auto insurance comparisons, catching up on laundry, finding a home for things you bought on your trip along with dealing with whatever situations pop up in the days after returning home.

So is a vacation really worth all of the preparations and all of the aftershock? My answer is a definite YES. I was glad to get away for a while- to take a break from the 'norm' and come back to the 'almost norm'. Despite returning sans huge cooler of fish, we had a nice time. The weather was hot, we spent time with family and friends and we relaxed. And that was the entire point.


Anonymous said...

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Kokopelli said...

Sounds like you had a great time. And, even a few crappie makes for a good day fishing.

Cheryl said...

All I want to know is if you thread your own worms?