Nifty Thrifty Thursday: Thrifty Changes We Can All Make (Part 1)

I think we can all agree that making little changes in our daily lives can add up to large amounts. After all, just as a puzzle is built piece by piece, money is saved a penny at a time. I'm asking everyone to focus on making small changes to help save money, time and the environment and this week and next, I'll be listing changes we can all make to do just that.

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Thrifty Changes We Can All Make:

1. Grocery shop by unit price. Food manufacturers have gone from raising prices to downsizing products while charging the same amount as the larger size. For example, the dog food we buy has gone from a 50 Lb. bag for around $18 to a 44.1 Lb. bag for the same price. Next time you shop, be wary of this. It may now be more economical to buy another size.
Because of this, you might also have to buy two of something in order to have enough for a certain recipe as well.

2. Plan your errands in one trip. Sounds simple, but making a list of where you need to go and planning that route out beforehand can save a lot of time, gas and backtracking.

3. Drive making right turns as much as possible. You'll spend less time waiting for traffic that has the right of way and less time sitting at lights. You could also try to change the normal route you take to avoid stoplights altogether.

4. Don't let your car idle for more than 30 seconds. One minute used to be the rule, but that's before the gas prices went up even more. Turn your car off when stopped at train crossings, drive-thru windows or when waiting for someone.
5. Don't change your oil as often. Today's cars are made to go longer between oil changes. Couple that with today's synthetic oils that prevent the breakdown of oil and most vehicles can go about 5,000 miles between changes as opposed to the former standard of 3,000. Newer vehicles even have sensors that detect when oil needs changed. Check your vehicle's manual to make sure.
6. Dump the extra weight. Remove any unused seats or extras in your trunk from your vehicle. The extra drag created by this stuff can lower your gas mileage and make your engine work twice as hard.
7. Change your car's air filter. Keeping a clean air filter in your car can improve your gas mileage up to 15%! Think about how worn out you feel when you can't breathe and apply that to your car. See what I mean?

Come back next week and I'll give you some more thrifty changes we can make in our homes! Meanwhile, check out the links below!



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Stephanie said...

Good tips. I am not that consistent in turning off the car while idling, but Tim drives me nuts. When we get to where we are going, he stops and fiddles with the radio, the lights, gathers all his stuff and piddles before turning the car off. It makes me crazy. I am constantly saying, "Aren't you going to turn the car off?"

Erica said...

Good tips! I realized that about the unit price at the grocery store tonight and it saved me a lot.

Kokopelli said...

Good ideas on vehicle use! Also, new cars/trucks have onboard computers giving the driver access to many operation parameters. One of these in "Instant MPG". Viewing this you can see how miles per gallon decreases as you accelerate, as in leaving a standing stop or passing. Keep "Instant MPG" high will increase overall MPG.