Nifty Thrifty Thursday: Gas Prices

We all know how bad gas prices are. The price per barrel goes up a dollar or more and the price per gallon goes up by 20 cents a pop.

Ever notice how it goes up by 20 cents and down by one or two cents? How does that work?!?!?!

Anyhow, when gas goes up, food prices and everything else goes up and we are torn as to which areas of our budget to cut from in order to add to our gas budget. Where do you make it up when you've already had to cinch your belt to the breaking point?

Nielsen has estimated that Americans will spend 46% more on gas in 2008 than they did in 2007.

The government has made an attempt to aid us with the 'economic stimulus package' and it's better than nothing, but in reality, it is our tax dollars coming right back to us. And that's IF you qualify.

While I can't solve the crisis or even alleviate it temporarily, I can pass on some info that may help. Here are some articles and sites that I found helpful:

Gas Buddy will help you find the lowest price for gas anywhere you want in the US or Canada.

WikiHow has a great article on how to save money on gas.

Advance Auto Parts website has a nice link list of ideas for making your car more fuel efficient, stretching gas and more.

Want to know which tips for saving gas really work? Edmunds puts them to the test in this article.

Visit Better Budgeting for more tips on saving gas and making the most of the gas you buy.

Cool savings has some great gas-saving tips as well!

Leave your tips in comments!!!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the article links. I will be checking some of them out.

Kokopelli said...

A motorcycle isn't a gas-saving alternative unless you only make very short trips. Since my motorcycle is my primary vehicle, I'm always approached by people asking about mileage. The 40 MPG is nice, but the upkeep is so much more expensive than a car/truck.

Julie said...

I use coupons to save my money but I only know some sites and here I found bunch of money saving sites. I want to say you thanks for the info you are providing here. I have bookmarked this page so please keep sharing money saving knowledge with us. Its really hard task to earn money.