Keep 'em Coming!

Thanks so everyone who has participated in my online baby shower for Margaret Sally! I've enjoyed reading your entries!

I'd like to ask everyone to spread the word and try to get more tips and advice for this sweet gal! Please?

Don't forget that there are prizes!!! Winners will be drawn from the entries according to their entry # on the list. You can enter as many times as you wish (separate post each time, please).

The prizes include designer jewelry (faux pearl stud earrings) from Premiere Designs, Cinnamon Muffin Melts Mix from Tastefully Simple, Bean Soup Mix from Tastefully Simple, a cute little black quilted purse and more!

I am up to my ears in baseball, getting ready for a trip, preparing for Steven's birthday, winding down the school year and preparing my summer babysitting schedule all at the same time. This house is one big ball of chaos these days I tell you! Please forgive me for taking an unannounced bloggy break, but I really wanted to leave the baby shower open and readily available at the top of my blog. Thanks for your understanding!

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