Lucky & Not So Lucky

The lucky part...

Okay, you might have to look closely because some of the leaves have withered or stuck together as they dried, but these are 4-leaf clovers that we found in our yard this weekend. Actually, a couple of them have 5 leaves, but I couldn't get a decent close-up shot of either one.

Steven found the huge one in the center and he was SO PROUD!

The not so lucky part...

I do so want to take my spy camera out the next time the Havenosenses are out. They were out this weekend and were at it again with the 4-wheeler. This time, I thought brother had bitten the dust on his. Because, you know, gas is still under $4 a gallon. What say we tool around the yard and burn some up??? Sheesh!!!

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Scribbit said...

I'm trying to conserve gas by turning off my engine while at red lights.

Kidding. But it's almost that bad.