A Day In The Sun!

It was gorgeous yesterday and we got a lot of things done in the yard before the rain moved in.

We got a new shrub to replace the one that died in the front of our house. It was a Rainbow's End Alberta Spruce- the tips turn a golden color, and we had a heck of a time finding one.

Matthew planted his Colorado Blue Spruce that he got from school (for Earth Week) and Steven and I planted some carrots.

I even had time to relax in the warm sun with my pillow on the swing! YEAH!!!! I've been waiting for that!

I've been trying to figure out how on Earth I can work the phrase liver cleanse into a family post. That's the only way, I guess.

Late on today, I'll take a picture of what we found in the yard and post them for you. They're COOL!!!!


Kokopelli said...

Heather, this is a very disturbing trend for a young, attractive woman. First the to-bed-early and now colon cleanzing? You're too young for the next logical steps of counting pill bottles and cruising obituaries looking for friends.

Michelle said...

We had the beautiful last weekend. This weekend was spent under a blanket of snow. I am so ready for some spring weather!