Spring Cleaning

I've had to do a bit of sprucing up around the blogs and I chose this morning to get it done. I've been waiting for the natives to be a little less restless.

Then I woke up. I thought about when the last time they weren't restless was and decided to turn off that part of my brain that likes to fantasize like that. :o)

I figured I'd better get to it and SOON!

I'll take you on a short tour:

~ I finally updated my link list! Aunt Cheryl used to have a blog called Mementos of a Military Mom. That blog has since been deleted and she can now be found at This That and the Other Thing. Check her out! Well... not HER, but her blog. LOL!

~I also finally put up another profile pic. Still not the best photo of me, but I fear that I am not very photogenic- never have been- so you're stuck with what you get. At least I look like I have hair in this one, right Tim?

~I changed the background over at The Fat Bottomed Girl. Just felt like it needed a Spring color makeover. Like it?

That should do it for a while as far as maintenance goes. Next I'd like to learn some more about SEO and get my page rank back. It used to be a 3, now it's a big goose egg. Anyone have any tips???


Stephanie said...

Page Rank confuses me to no end. I do know though that participating in Carnivals helps because it gives you new links every week. Good luck!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

You've got hair! You've got hair! You've got hair! Nice. You look good.
I have no clue about page rank either. That's Stephanie question which she can't answer either. A lot of good we are huh?