Photos As Promised

When thinking of a gym, most people probably think of a room full of weight equipment or a large room in a school with a basketball court, but during "Right-To-Read Week" at our local elementary the gym gets transformed into a themed place for students to visit and read.

Now that I look at my pictures, they aren't all that great, but I'll describe the scene a little better for you. The theme is "Camp Read-a-lot" and the stage has been turned into a camp site complete with faux fire pit for classes to sit and read around, "log" cabin, tent, picnic table and life-sized tee pee. Oh, yes... there is also a canoe as modeled by the lovely Steven in the last pic.

The cabin is made from corrugated cardboard cut into 2-D logs and cut to lock into each other at the corners. They are put together over a wood frame covered with white paper to simulate the chinking between the logs. It is a very clever structure and it doubles as the camp store where students can buy fake bugs, Frisbees, necklaces, bracelets, harmonicas, and finger traps. You know, the camp essentials. :o)

Right-to-read week is a really fun experience for the kids and we all are so excited to see what the theme will be each year and how the gym will be transformed to make it a lasting memory for each child.

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