Last Lunch

I took the day off today to eat lunch at school with Matthew for the last time. He will be off to middle school next year and they don't have parent lunch days there. I'm sad that these days are over, but happy that I will be able to come back and eat lunch with Steven starting next year.

One of the nice things about eating lunch with Matthew is catching up with all of the other moms I don't get to see as much anymore. Before I went back to work, I could volunteer to work at the book fairs and for special events such as Right-To-Read Week. I got to see Matthew's friend's mom and her daughter. The daughter is Steven's age, but she won't be going to school with him. She attends a special school, but she loves playing with Steven whenever they can. She had what they thought were cerebral palsy symptoms as an infant, but it turned out to be epilepsy and another condition that I can't remember the name of. What a doll, though.

Another thing I love to do is take the boys to the book fair. They always find a million books they want and have trouble picking just one. We narrowed it down to one each without too many problems and I only had to drop $7. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I'll post the pictures I took later on this evening. I didn't get any of Matthew because he had to get back to class, but Steven struck so many poses I thought I'd never get him out of there.

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