Back To Work? What A Concept!

After three weeks off due to sick kids, sick me and snow days, I got back to work on Wednesday. We did have a 2-hour delay and I usually call off on delay days. I am still considered a sub and since I babysit in the mornings, it is too difficult (not to mention expensive) to arrange for alternate child care for my kids and others' kids at the last minute so I find it is worth losing the miniscule day's pay from the school to be able to stay with the kids. Being in the kitchen, we still have to be there at the same time to get lunch ready on time.

So... I asked my SIL to uproot herself for the morning to sit with Matthew until the bus came 2 hours later than usual, took Steven to preschool- which starts at the regular time on delay days- and got to work. It was nice to get back to it.

I will say that there was a noticeable difference going back. Being sick takes so much out of you and going back to a job where you have to be very focused, very quick and very active is rough. I also shoveled our driveway Tuesday and it was raining and sleeting while I shoveled. By the time I got to the end of our drive, there was a layer of ice on top of the snow and it was heavy. I felt that in my back all day. I am just so glad that I no longer have to move the dual coffee makers from the countertop to the table each night. That thing is heavy!

On the bright side, the kids and I are feeling better and thankfully, Mike never really got the colds we had.

Today was an extremely busy day. We had the day off of school as a compensation day for conferences. I had 4 kids to babysit, a conference with Steven's preschool teacher and we had Mike's family over for Matthew's birthday (finally). With the boys and me being sick, the birthday dinner kept getting pushed back and we decided two days ago that Friday night would be a nice time to do it. We called everyone who was home (Uncle Larry is out of town, but we'll get together with him soon) and made it a date.

I had several helpers today who really saved me. Mike's Mom and Sister came over to help me bread fish, when my friend that I babysit for picked her kids up, she took Steven with her and brought him back later and Matthew cleaned for me. After a day with 4 extra kids the house really needed a good cleaning and Matthew did a great job. Mike also came home from work and fried 5 lbs. of french fries and over 120 pieces of fish for me... outside on the propane cooker. That saves a lot of splatter and grease in my kitchen!

Matthew enjoyed the night- food, cake and presents! He got some much-needed clothes and a croquet set. He immediately tore into that and we all became referees as Matthew, Steven and the Girlie "played corquet" in the living room. It wasn't long before they got wound up and we had to make them put the game away before someone got hurt. :o)

Well, my recliner is calling my name and I am beat! Have a great night!

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