Sick Kids

Between MLK Day and an in-service day for the teachers, we had a 4-day weekend. The boys got invited to spend the night with my nieces Sunday night and the girls insisted on keeping them all day Monday. I must admit that I didn't argue with them too much. "Are you sure you want to keep them? I need to run to the store, so I could pick them up first. They can stay with you? Okay, but only if you're sure about that." ;o)

So they came home Monday evening after supper.

Tuesday rolls around and a friend I babysit for called and asked if the boys could come over and play with her kids while she studied for a few hours. I spent Tuesday afternoon in a quiet house as well. I dusted, watched a movie and enjoyed the silence while I had it.

So Wednesday morning, Matthew whined that he didn't feel good. He wasn't warm and had no other symptoms, so I chalked it up to not wanting the long weekend to end. I played mean Mommy and made him go to school.

On my way to work, I got a call from the friend who had taken the boys the day before. She told me that her daughter had spiked a fever and wouldn't be getting off the bus after school. Shortly after the kids got home from school, Matthew laid on the couch and covered up with my blanket. This is the kid who is usually running around shirtless and sockless while I am bundled up with my slippers, hoodie and blanket. I felt his forehead and he was burning up. He then informed me that 7 kids were absent from his class that day.

Needless to say, he's home today and the way things are looking, he'll be home tomorrow too. Steven also complained of a headache when he woke up and he's laying on the couch covered up now, so I'm keeping an eye on him. Neither one of the boys has wanted to eat, but both of them are drinking plenty and that's the important thing.

:::SIGH::: Poor guys. :o(

One thing Steven likes about when I'm off is that I wear my gold chain with my cross and my "#1 Mom" pendant on it. I can't wear it at work and he always asks me where it is.

We've been vegging out and watching movies all day. Finding Nemo was choice #1 and we're on The Wizard of Oz at the moment. Throw in a hot cup of tea and it's not a bad way to spend a cold day of you ask me.


Stephanie said...

Hope they are feeling better. Nolan runs around the house with tank tops and shorts on too. When tell him it is cold he says, "I'm not going outside mom."

Michelle said...

Weve had the sick kids too! Eachof my older ones where home for two day (BUT NOT at the same time!) Thank goodness littleman didnt catch anything! Even I have been dealing with symptoms for a week!