Pardon Me...

One of the great things about blogging is giving my opinion about new products. I used to be a taste-tester for a national company and I really love trying new things. Recently, I received two new flavors of Kraft Grey Poupon Mustard and was asked to give my honest opinion.

I was sent a jar of Harvest Coarse Ground and a jar Hearty Spicy Brown. I chose to serve these on one of my personal favorites, bratwurst.

I must admit that I am not a huge fan of mustard. I rarely eat it on its own, but when trying it for an opinion, I didn't want to mix it with anything else. My guys, on the other hand, are all mustard lovers. This was a fun challenge!

We decided to split the mustards up- two of us would try each kind. Well, that lasted all of ten seconds once we all took a bite and told each other how good they were! I think the exact words were, "Mmmm! Try this one!"

I was concerned from the appearance of the coarse ground that it would be gritty, but it was very smooth and flavorful! I am a vinegar lover and it has a wonderful and bright vinegary taste with just the right amount of spice. It is closer to a yellow mustard in flavor, but so much better. Though I liked both mustards, this one was my favorite of the two.

Mike and Matthew loved the spicy brown the best. It has a similar flavor to ballpark mustard. It is a darker and spicier taste than the coarse ground and exactly what I expected from the look and from the name.

I can't wait to try these out the next time I make devilled eggs. I think they'd be a great alternative to yellow mustard as an ingredient. Bottom line, we all loved both mustards and I'm sure these will be on our table- and in my recipes- again very soon!


Lisa said...

Ohhh. That does sound good with deviled eggs!

Great review.

Margaret said...

NOT a mustard fan. but I will tell Mark. He is.