What Goes Good With Poached People?

Thankfully, we've resolved our water bed issue.


I got to sleep in a warm water bed last night. And after Mike left for work this morning, I crawled right back in and slept for another 2 hours! Ahhhhhh!

Margaret Sally commented that she had a water bed and, since she lives in Texas, didn't turn the heater on resulting in aches and pains.

This reminded me of another water bed incident.

Sometime in the summer of 2006, I started feeling really tired. It was an all-over tired. My entire body hurt and I felt like I was just completely worn out. I had no other symptoms of illnesses or colds and I thought it was just all in my mind or that it was just from getting older. I never said anything since nothing was really wrong with me.

After about 2 weeks of feeling like this, we were getting ready for bed one night and Mike mentioned that he had been feeling the same way. He asked what the bed heater was set at. The thermostat is hidden by my robe that hangs on the bedpost.

I moved the robe aside and said, "No wonder we both feel like that! We're being cooked!"

The thermostat was set at around 100 degrees!!!

We could only guess that we were being blanched courtesy of either Steven or the Girly Girl that I babysit. She takes her daily nap in our bed and Steven routinely climbs in our bed during his evening game of musical beds.

Needless to say, we now make a habit of checking the thermostat at least once a week.


Margaret said...

good lord - 100 degrees? Weren't you sweating to death??

Cheryl said...

Well, for heaven's sake! Sure glad you figured that one out.